Tropicana Caffe, Darlinghurst: Sydney's "zeitgeist" cafe

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Earlier today I dedicated this blog to my friend Peter Gaioli.  Peter introduced me to this simple, casual place many years ago.  This is my favourite cafe in Sydney.  There are 3 simple reasons for this: atmosphere, service, and food.  Such an eclectic mix of people go to this place I believe it captures the essence of what makes Sydney such a great city – things such as casual setting, friendliness and diversity.  Whether a family with children or an elderly couple and everyone in between, Tropicana serves up simple food, good coffee and even a wine or beer.  From time to time Serge, one of the owners, makes a mean Tiramisu, so watch out for it at the counter.  Failing that, order a ricotta cannoli which is a simple italian biscuit filled with sweet ricotta cream cheese.  The signature dish is the Tropicana Salad (tuna, tomatoes, egg, lettuce and special…

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